House Instruction Manual

Many of these things may seem obvious if they are the same or similar to what you use in your own home. But if something is unfamiliar and you don’t have the instruction manual, or it doesn’t behave the way you thought it would or should, these may help. In addition there is safety information contained in some so please read them so you know the quirks of the house.

Fire Safety – if you read nothing else, please read this!


Log Burner

Waste and Recycling

Windows and Blinds



Amazon Alexa Echos – Music and Voice Controls

Internet and Phones

TV, Sky, Netflix

Cooking: Range, Ninja Foodi, Microwave, Coffee Machine, Cookware

Washing and Ironing

Cleaning Equipment

Mains Services – Stopcocks

Bedroom 2 Door

Emergency Contacts

Gas Safety Certificate