This might be obvious if you have a dishwasher but not everyone does and yours might operate slightly differently.

  • Loading – plates and bowls on the bottom, cutlery in the basket, handle down. Cups, pans etc. in the upper tray. Utensils and long knives – lengthways flat in the top tray. Large chopping boards to the far left and right of the bottom tray. Spin the water nozzle thingies to make sure they rotate freely and don’t catch on anything.

  • Dishwasher tablet – place one tablet in the tablet drawer in the door. Don’t remove the inner wrapping. Close the drawer – it has a spring so lift up slightly and over. Push the lever slightly but firmly to the left to secure the door closed – can take a couple of tries to work out how this works.

  • Close the door and make sure it is latched.

  • Choose the programme – we use Eco, which takes a long time, or the 60 minute Rapid, which seems to do a good job. I’d recommend the Rapid to be honest.

  • Press the touch sensitive Start Button to the right of the dial. Away it goes. The rapid one should be done in about an hour. It will turn itself off when done.

  • Although in theory the machine is supposed to dry everything, if you’ve put something large in it, it seems to interfere with the drying cycle and you may find a few drops of water on items when you remove them. A quick wipe with a tea towel fixes that.