Holiday Home Website Design and Hosting

Affordable holiday home website design and hosting.

This website has been designed to provide information supplemental to the booking agency website. Therefore it can contain more photos, a video if you have one, and more local information. And links to local attractions and other businesses. All things holiday letting agencies don’t have the space for.

In addition the website contains a full set of house policies. Which allows more detail than the single page holiday letting agency allows. Moreover, the site includes a fairly detailed instruction manual for the house, giving guests information about how the house or cottage works on their phone. You can update in an instant without having to print and laminate. It’s both eco-friendly and Covid-friendly.

The Book Now button takes you to the holiday letting agency booking engine. So you don’t need to worry about that.

You write it – use our headings or your own. We then adapt your words to the format preferred by Google, Bing, and other search engines – shorter sentences, transition words, sub-headings and so on. Following that we set up the site just like this one, submit it to search engines, and suggest ways for you to market it. In addition you get an email account to match the site.

Affordable Web Design and Hosting Pricing

To set up an affordable website similar to this one for Edina costs £299, which includes a year’s web hosting and email. You can manage your own minor amendments to text or purchase a minor amendments package for us to do it. Your first 10 amendment credits are included in the price so you can smooth out teething issues. After that 10 credits cost £20. As an example, fixing a sentence would be 1 credit. Adding a new page would be between 10 and 20 credits depending on length and work needed.

Thereafter, annual hosting for the website and email is £72 per year.

We do not sell or manage domain names. The reason is because they vary considerably in cost depending on what you choose, and if you ever decide to go elsewhere for hosting there are no complicated tranfer processes – you always own and manage your domain name. We would recommend – it is very easy to buy and manage domain names and the pricing is extremely good. We can then give you simple instructions to link your domain name to your website.

This site uses the IP2Location LITE database for IP geolocation.


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