Waste and Recycling

Conwy Council has very high recycling rates and non-recyclable waste is only collected every 4 weeks. Recycling is collected weekly on a Monday morning.

Please rinse and place recyclable plastics, paper, cardboard, cans, glass bottles and jars in the appropriate recycling box in the front garden. Milk and juice cartons go with the cans and glass in the middle box. We tend to collect waste for recyling in the pale green bowl in the kitchen and then transfer to the outside recycling boxes when necessary.

Food waste should be collected in the inside food waste box and transferred to the outside composting box when full. Spare green compostable bags will be found in the middle drawer to the left of the range.

All non-recyclable items go into the kitchen bin. When full, please tie the bag and place it in the outside grey wheely bin. Spare black bin bags will be found in the middle drawer to the left of the range.

If you are in occupation of the house on a Sunday night, could you please place the recycling and compost boxes outside the front garden tight against the wall for collection, and bring them in again when emptied on the Monday (if you are still there!). Many thanks.

Please clear up after your dog. Dog waste should be collected and placed in the small grey bin in the back garden. Before leaving please tie the outer black bag and transfer the contents to one of the red public dog waste bins – the nearest is above the communal car park.