Windows and Blinds

Another one that is probably obvious to most but, based on personal experience, not everyone has blinds at home!

The kitchen has a roller blind although we tend not to use it.

Everywhere else in the house has venetian blinds. On most of them there are two cords on one side – pull one or the other to open and close them. The bathroom blind has a wand – twist to open and close. There is a single cord on the other side of each blind. These raise and lower the blinds but the blinds are clipped in at the bottom so they don’t move. Please don’t tug hard unless the blind is unclipped.

To open and close the windows you should be able to reach through the slats of the blinds. Or unclip the blind, raise it, open/close the window, lower it back, and clip it back in.

Please close all the windows firmly when leaving the property during or at the end of your stay or you may find your insurance will not cover any losses.

We must apologise that one or two window panes have condensation – they are planned for replacement but materials and labour are not easy to get at present so the work has been delayed during the peak season.