Internet and Phones

Edina has Superfast fibre broadband that performs pretty well all over the house. The access password to use the Internet is on a label on the router in the front room. You will find the 4G signal on your phone weak or non-existent inside the house but usually fine in the back garden.

We do not have a conventional land line installed and voice calls inside the house tend to be poor quality if you can get a signal at all. Phone signals tend to be fine in the back garden and close to the windows at the front of the house. If you need to keep in touch via phone from indoors we highly recommend using WhatsApp video or voice calling via the Internet connection, assuming the other end of the call also has WhatsApp. If you need to call conventional numbers inside the UK or abroad, we would strongly suggest installing an Internet based calling service such as Skype on your mobile phone that will enable you to dial numbers in the UK or abroad at minimal cost. You even get a month’s free trial so it might not cost you anything.

You may find your mobile phone company and phone are compatible with WiFi Calling – which means that once logged into the Edina WiFi, your phone should work seamlessly even without a 4G signal. Not all phones and services are compatible but worth checking.