Washing and Ironing

The last thing you want to do when on holiday is washing and ironing. However, if you do run out of clean clothes then you will find the nearest laundrettes are in Bangor or Llandudno Junction.

In an emergency you may use our washing machine in the basement at your own risk although this is not strictly for guest use. The padlock key is on the ring for the back door. Please make sure you lock up after using it, and watch your head in the doorway and inside as the ceiling is very low.

Most importantly, don’t unplug the boiler to plug in the washing machine! Press the On/Off button under the dial. Select the Programme by rotating the dial. There is a 20 minute option or the Delicates one is the next shortest. The display will tell you which drawer to put the detergent in as well as cycle length, temperature, spin speed etc. Put your clothes in the drum, your detergent in the drawer (we are a soft water area). Close the door. Press start/pause over to the right and let it do its job. When done, empty and leave the door open slightly. It should turn itself off.

You will find pegs in a basket in the basement, a washing line pole, and a retractable line fixed to the left hand wall outside – take it to the post on the right at the bottom of the garden and clip on, wrap a bit of the line around the bottom of the mechanism to keep it taut. There is a washing basket on top of the white cupboard under the stairs, an indoor drying rack inside the cupboard, along with an ironing board and an iron. Please wait for the iron to cool down before replacing back in its holder.

Please note we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to laundry through borrowing our washing machine or iron. If in any doubt please use the commercial laundry services in the area.