We are happy to welcome one or two well-behaved dogs. Unfortunately we cannot accept other pets without a prior arrangement.

Dogs must not be allowed on the furniture or upstairs. At night they should preferably be kept in a pet box or carrier, i.e. not loose. If you do not have a carrier, the dogs should be confined to the kitchen only at night – please close the door to the dining room.

Please do not leave your dogs in the house on their own, unattended – it can be distressing for the dog to be left in a strange place on its own, and it could do considerable damage.

All damage must be paid for – please make sure you take out adequate insurance to cover this. Many pet health insurance policies will also cover you for third party liability cover. This insurance pays out for legal costs and compensation if you’re responsible for your dog injuring someone or damaging their property. It is worth checking yours does.

Please bring poop bags with you if you have a dog. All mess should be tidied up using poop bags and placed in the grey container in the back garden. Before leaving please take the contents to one of the red poop bins provided by the council – there is one above the car park. A supplementary cleaning charge of £25 will be made if you leave our cleaners to clear up any mess. If your dog poops when outside on a walk, please clear up after it and be aware that there are hefty fines imposed by council enforcement officers if you don’t. Llanfairfechan town council has invested in red poop bins and you will also see free poop bag containers attached to some lamp posts. However, sometimes they are empty so please don’t rely on them, nor will it get you off a fine!

Note that the back garden does not have high walls – it will contain small dogs but larger dogs may escape and there is a steep drop over the back wall. Please supervise your dog when it is out in the back garden. Please do not let it bark persistently and disturb the neighbours.

Please observe dog restrictions on beaches – there should be notices which make it clear which parts of beaches must be kept dog-free and at what time of the year. There are £1000 fines for breaching the restrictions so don’t be tempted to ignore them – our council likes to generate income.