We welcome families with children but we are not listed as a baby and toddler friendly property by We have provided an adjustable high chair to save you bringing your own but we don’t have stair gates top and bottom. We don’t supply a cot but you are welcome to bring a travel one and set it up in the main bedroom. The kitchen cupboards do not have toddler-proof safety latches although we have installed corner protectors on the counters. The garden has concrete steps and hard paving and slate chip areas. If you have kids with you, especially smaller ones, please make sure they are supervised especially on the stairs, steps, in the garden and in the shower. Please make sure children do not go into the attic or the basement.

We can confirm that in tests a typical 4 year old could not put his head through the landing railings but your child may have a smaller head so we cannot guarantee yours will be OK!